Las Vegas Home Values Rising Available Homes For Sale Falls

As the amount of available Las Vegas Homes for sale declines it may continue the upward rise in some Las Vegas Home Values.

The Las Vegas housing market is experiencing a shortage of homes for sale in most of the Las Vegas/Henderson area for homes priced under $400,000.

We need more homes to list for sale as the buyers are in the market “Now”.

Contact (702) 812-4550 to get your home listed for sale on the Las Vegas MLS.

Sellers may think they want to wait or hold out for higher prices, but they need to keep in mind that rising interest rates may push some buyers into a Lower buying bracket and some of the buyers who are “Approved” to Buy Now, may get tired of trying to find the right home now and go back to renting.  If too many buyers make that decision, we could see home prices slow and home could stay on the market longer.

There are some sellers who want to sell and move up/down or buy a new home, if that is you contact us, (702) 812-4550

In the next month or two, we may see Less homes get sold if more homes are not listing for sale on the Las Vegas real estate market.

But, for now it is still a “sellers market” as there are a bit over 4,300 Las Vegas homes for sale that are NOT under contract with a buyer, which is about a two month supply, (maybe a little less or more depending on your neighborhood) where a normal market typically sees about a 6 month supply of homes for sale.

If you are a Las Vegas home buyer, hang in there, and be prepared to look at home “BELOW” your approved purchase price so you leave that wiggle room to go up in your offer price in order to “hopefully” get the home.

Another option for some Las Vegas home buyers in to contact us (702) 812-4550 to see if we can help you buy a “new” home.  You may save money and/or get rebates towards closing costs and/or down payment, but you need to get with us “BEFORE” you ever step foot into a “model” home or sign up with any of the new home builders.